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Hi, I'm Pamela

First, let me warmly welcome you to The Temple Spaces...

A sacred space of love and self discovery,  where you are invited to unfold your wings, embrace your essence and embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation.

Here,  your unique story unfurls, guided by the light of purpose and nurtured by the depths of your heart. This is a space where you are celebrated, where your dreams take root and where your soul finds its melody.


I offer a heartfelt fusion of transformative experiences to support you in living a life of purpose where your mind, body and soul comes into alignment.  

Through coaching, plant medicine cacao ceremonies, healing and yoga, I've created an environment where the facets of your existence is honoured, guiding you towards alignment, purpose and the radiant blossoming of your true self.

We'll blend ancient practices with modern insights, nurturing your soul and illuminating your path to a purposeful and joy-filled life.  Each step becomes a dance of self-discovery within the sacred temple spaces of your body, mind, and spirit.

Every offering is a reflection of my unwavering passion for guiding you towards inner serenity and self-discovery. As a certified life coach and healer,  I am honoured to walk alongside you, providing gentle guidance and unwavering support. 


With so much love 


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I was fortunate to have an Inner Child Healing with Pamela. From our first connection I felt a sense of home and safety. Even though we worked over Zoom, I felt as though we were in the same space.

Her voice was like a balm, soothing to my soul and brought such peace and serenity, and so much compassion and love. The way she guided me to connect with my inner child was so caring and committed to supporting me and I trusted enough to follow.

Working with her has been a beautiful experience and I am so grateful. I truly highly recommend working with the inner child, wrapped like a warm blanket, in Pamela’s care and guidance.

 Kari Russo,  Texas

 Pam supported me during a launch season in my business when I was starting to feel ungrounded. She is a lovely guide who is good at navigating the tricks of the mind in order to help you come to a place of clarity. Her words/prayer were exactly what I needed to hear in order to unlock my own insights in what we were navigating

Johanna A, Brazil

Pam is a natural born healer, and her beautiful spirit radiates brightly. Thoroughly upbeat and positive, Pam brings joy into healing and is able to create radical changes in a short time through her strong and seemingly effortless abilities.


Her Reiki is powerful and seems to work like magic and she definitely goes that extra mile as she genuinley cares about peoples well-being and radiant health. Naturally powerful healers like Pammie are hard to find and I cannot recommend enough!

Joanna P, , London

It was lovely to meet you and thank you for the lovely  ceremony! It was so physically relaxing, deeply emotional and thoroughly satisfying to have your warm hands performing the closing of my body, your wise & loving words in my head and your deep spiritual presence in my house .


Huge thanks for that magical moment of us with the  angels in the room, a heart warming chat that released my tensions/thoughts/emotional build up and a motherly hug that melted my heart and lifted my spirits.   I slept peacefully for 2 hours after you left and felt much better and physically an d emotionally stronger after.   Bless you, Pam x

 Nakita-Wright  London
Pam is a natural born healer. Her presence immediately relaxes you by her non judge mental and safe essence. She supports you through your journey to inner self discovery and transmutes energy along the way.

As a coach Pam asks the perfect questions and invites you to get curious about areas of your life you want change in. She is truly a catalyst for change and massive transformation.
I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Pam and have her in my corner as a coach and healer.

 Michelle Jaffrey

Allow me to guide you 


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Highest Self

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